How/when to know if you need a planner..

So you're overwhelmed; possibly even feeling like it's easier to just elope.. Don't fear, this is totally normal, I promise!

I've been where you are and I can 100% GUARANTEE I should've hired a wedding/venue planner.


Well for starters, I have worked a LOT of weddings and none of them had a bride that wasn't stressed bar a select few. These brides all had one thing in common;

a day-of coordinator or wedding planner.

Now I'm not saying you won't have a few hiccups on your day but what I AM saying is they'll be there to catch any moments generally before they happen.

The last wedding I worked with a wedding planner, the video team got lost, the limo broke down and the groomsmen couldn't put on their boutonnieres; did the bride know? Absolutely not, not until the problems were solved.

Wedding planners are not just there to tell you what kind of colours go together or to book all your vendors, not even to tell people what to do but they are the people on the ground, solving all of the possible issues before you know they even exist.

I highly recommend Amy from simplified weddings to be your woman, I definitely don't get an affiliation from recommending her but she has worked a shit tonne of weddings and has by far the most extensive experience (and emergency kit) I've ever seen.

Contact her over at: Popup Wedding SA and I promise you will not be let down.