So, you're stressed about family portraits..

Not to worry; I've got you totally covered!

For my clients, I always ask for two things to make group/family photos one of the easiest parts of your day; number one being a 'shot list'

This list means that I don't forget to include a second cousin on mum's side on the day and I know to put Nana together with her bestie!

I go over an example of what a typical shot list looks like a little further down.

The second thing I always make sure to check is who stands away from who. Family dynamics can be a little hectic, but not to worry because I have that totally sorted WELL before your day!

It's not an easy question to ask but it has to be done to make sure that I don't accidentally put uncle Brad next to your mother-in-law and they bite eachother's heads off 😅

The most important thing to remember when it comes to family photos is that no matter how tightly packed your day is, we should always allow for time to make sure we get every single shot; your photographer shouldn't leave until that is done (I can guarantee I won't)

These are the photos that your kids and your grandkids will see in the years to come when you talk so fondly of your Nana Sue and how she was the life of the party or how Grandpa John always ALWAYS had a XXXX in his hand.

'If I seem overly insistent on the importance of family photos, it’s because I’ve been burned before. At one of the very first weddings I ever shot, I made the mistake of letting the bride talk me into skipping family photos entirely. She was adamant.' - Jai Long

I've been here before and not only was the bride devastated that she doesn't have the photos, but I also received a scathing review alongside that stating that I should've gotten them even though she specifically asked for me not to.

This is one of the biggest learning curves I've ever had in my business and drives me to make sure that you aren't left heartbroken that we didn't capture those precious memories for you.

A typical shot list looks a little something like this:

Extra tips...

keep the photos for after the ceremony when all the family are still together

weddings in Pretoria are different from Cape Town due to sunset, so make sure you have time for your photos