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hello... person on my website

I would imagine the wife-to-be will to most of the reading... so lets start with you...

I will make you feel spectacular on your wedding day. I'm not here to schedule your day, but I do help with that & anything else you need help with. But mainly, and most importantly, to make you feel relaxed, hot and like the most important person there/here (not sure which one to use).

Now... husband-to-be....

I will make you feel comfortable in-front of the camera. I, myself, hate being in-front of a lens. SO I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. But we will make this great, fun and super quick!! Almost like that first night of honeymoon... hehe!!

Damn, how to phrase this.... Your wedding needs me, and I need you. Your awesomeness, and mine, will conquer this together!!

You Don't Have To Read This... but it's still fun

My story is the one with my wife, son and daughter.

When I walk towards our bedroom, the hallway is filled with photos... and maybe some toys laying around. I glance at photos on the wall of our family together.

Sitting in the lounge, I stare at more pictures of some incredible times we had. And I also think it is high time for some more, and maybe newer photos (may wife looks even beter no then what she did 10 years ago... I'm a lucky guy!!)

In our office we have this one specific canvas, displayed on an easel.  It's the silhouette of a Quiver tree at sunset by the Fish River Canyon.  Each time I look at the photo I can feel the cold silence of the Fish River Canyon.  My mind takes me back to us walking to dinner, and feeling like a million bucks being at this awesome place with the most beautiful women!!  The photo evokes so many emotions of a story stored in our memory.

And this is my hope and goal... that each photo I take of you, transports you back to that unforgettable moment of your story.

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