South African Elopement & Wedding Photographer

From Pretoria to Cape Town - wherever the vows go

Your day, your way... that's all that matters

A day filled with moments of complete bliss, laughter, happy tears, dance moves (some moves you should have kept home), good times, hugs & kisses and ONLY the people you love.

11 years ago I had my day. And I know what it means. To celebrate with the person you love, and then to have the moments captured forever. My photos still takes me back to the moments my heart remembers.

And then I know how important the moments are. No awkward poses and unnatural moments. It's just now what you want and who you are.

Are you camera shy? Or do you love the thought of a camera on you the whole time? It does not matter... I've got you captured.

My Favourite Testimonial

I just always say that please choose a photographer you get along with. Don't just go for WOW or 'within my budget.

Choose someone you would like to spend the day with. Even if we try to be a fly on the wall, we still talk and joke around. I'm still one of the first persons to see you, the bride, in your dress. And you, the groom, when you get nervous and right before she walks in.

And then sometimes we just turn into good friends...

Chantelle & Bernardt

"Wouter is the perfect photographer for the couples that are romantic, but shy. For those looking for photos that captures the emotions and connection of their day. I can still get all the feelings when I look at our photos"