Hello, I'm Wouter

A very important chapter in my story started when I moved to London.  The first school I worked at was Turney School for children with autism.  Turney ended up being my second home for the duration of my time on London.

Autism can be describes as a person living inside him- or herself. Inside their own world.

They live in a world different from ours.  We had to find a way of connecting. And stories was one of those ways that we connected.

You can't just read a story.

You have to be the story. They want to be the story.

Each child had a story they loved. Each child had a part of a story they loved. Some parts were too loud for some, while others loved it when the piggy ran away from the Big Bad Wolf, SCREAMING!!

Stories were our connection. A wonderful & special connection.

Our lives are made up of different stories that leads to one ending. And the photos I take are my illustrations of my story & your story.

Husband & father


My wife, René, is me rock. She keeps me grounded when I get crazy dreams or when I want to book a holiday to the Kruger when we don't have the money.

She is the mother of our awesome son & beautiful daughter.

Retief and Klara brings colour to our day and more meaning to our lives.

I love a good red wine.
Die Hard is the best x'mas movie.
Coldplay had some awesome music.
Man United, and Scholsy.

Life is beautiful.

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André & BIANCA

You made our special day fun and stress free, You were there guiding us through getting the most fabulous photo’s that we very proudly display in our home. I smile when I walk past our Wedding photo’s - they are very emotional which is what we wanted. They managed to capture the joy, tears and excitement we were feeling at the same time. In love with our images.


The photos Wouter took are amazing, his special little touches are seen in every photo. We can’t thank him enough for propping us up when we needed it and walking us calmly through every step.


Awesome photos. I don’t know how you manage to capture what we felt. You were everywhere, and caught some many small things we almost forgot. But looking at everything make us feel the day as if it’s happening NOW. Thanks Wouter.