My story is the one with my wife, son and daughter... and me.

When I walk towards our bedroom, the hallway is filled with photos... and maybe some toys laying around. I glance at the photos on the wall. It's photos of us.

Sitting in the lounge, I stare at more pictures of some incredible times we had. And I also think it is high time for some more photos, & maybe newer photos (may wife looks even beter now... I'm a lucky guy!!)

Photos everywhere. Memories everywhere.

In our office we have this one specific canvas, displayed on an easel.  It's the silhouette of a Quiver tree at sunset by the Fish River Canyon.  Each time I look at the photo I can feel the cold silence of the Fish River Canyon.  My mind takes me back to us walking to dinner, and feeling like a million bucks being at this awesome place with the most beautiful wife by my side!  The photo evokes so many emotions of a story stored in my memory.

And this is my hope and goal with each photo I take of you... that each photo transports you back to that unforgettable moment of your story.

canvas of quiver tree from Fish River Canyon

Hi, I'm Wouter

Husband & Father

My wife, René, is me rock. She keeps me grounded when I get crazy dreams or when I want to book a holiday to the Kruger when we don't have the money or time.

She is the mother of our awesome son & beautiful daughter.

Retief and Klara brings colour to our day and more meaning to our lives.

I love a good red wine.
Die Hard is the best x'mas movie.
Coldplay had some awesome music.
Man United, and Scholsy.

And Stevie the TV is my escape.


André & BIANCA

You made our special day fun and stress free, You were our guide. Our house is now full of wedding photos. I smile when I walk past our Wedding photo’s - they are very emotional which is what we wanted. They managed to capture the joy, tears and excitement we were feeling at the same time. You are the best photographer in South Africa!!


We loved that his style was natural, candid and most importantly he focuses on capturing the raw emotions of people. No frills or awkward shots; just natural and simple yet classy images. Thank you Wouter for being a great photographer and a great friend


Our wedding was a casual affair so it's very important that our photographer feels like a friend (rather than a stranger). The photos turned out amazing despite the rain. He even went out of the way for our album which he personally hand delivered to our house!!

Thanks Wouter.