Let's Celebrate 2023


I wanted to tell a better story for my couples and soon realised that photography alone is missing one important element. 

Energy, movement and sound

Photography on its own is great and amazing, but if you combine it with an emotive film, that captures that movement and energy, I truly believe it's the PERFECT combination where you can have your cake and eat it too!

What is hybrid films?

A hybrid film is where I, as photographer, takes video in-between photos. I both your photographer & videographer... a One-Man team.

What's the benefits?

You're not surrounded by more than one person with a camera in your space/face. The video and photos are very similar in style. And it's budget friendly.

Mark & Charlotte Hybrid Film

In 2022 I spend the whole day with Mark & Charlotte during their elopement in Yzerfontein. Their Hybrid is longer than the usual hybrid film because I was there the whole day, from pancakes to wedding cake.

But if you're wondering what it will look like... take a look!!