Lets summarise me, to talk more about your

Getting personal with you...

HER/HIM/ZIR: While you sit around, nervously chatting with your best friends, waiting to get your hair done... and thinking about your vows and how incredible you're going to look... I'll take a photo without you knowing.

HER/HIM/ZIR: While you have an early morning drink with your best mates, talking about last nights braai/BBQ... I'll take a photo without you knowing.

The moment went without you realising its significants. But looking at your wedding album you suddenly realise how each moment was important in the whole of your story.

I go to to each wedding without any preconceived idea of what will be presented. It's about the unique you, him, her, they, zir. You will be listened to, and emotions observed. I think that's the most important part of finding your story.

Listening. Observing. Capturing.

Each story is unique. Just like your love.

intimate Pretoria wedding bride and groom trying to throw veil over their heads for wedding photographer to take photos

The Process

01 Lets Meet

A free consultation for you to get a feel for what it'll be like working together. We'll chat about your dreams and visions, and how we can make it all work.

02 Lock It In

YEAH. We'll finalise your deposit and sign the dotted lines to secure your booking. You'll complete a questionnaire that'll help me to get the next steps organised.

03 Nail The Details

From scouting shoot locations to finessing your run sheet, we'll keep in touch throughout your wedding planning. I'm always just an email away!

04 The Wedding

I'll show up excited and ready to shoot your day - without missing
a beat. I will be on all day watching out for every special moment so that you can simply enjoy the day!

05 Sneak Peek

Let's relive your big day all over again! I know you can't wait so I'll send you 3-5 teaser photos a couple of days after your wedding.

06 You've Got Mail

Grab some wine and get cosy because here's the final unveiling. Hop online to view your slide show and gallery, and I'll send your USB and prints in the mail.

07 Album Design

We’ll design your album together, encapsulating all your favourite moments. A generational treasure to be shared for the years to come.

capturing moments

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