Tinder created a few of my weddings.

I'm before Tinder, so I really don't even know how it works. I just know you swipe left or right. Not sure which is which.

But I do know that there are times that Tinder works. There might be 4 or 5 couples from 2022 that got together because of Tinder. Jacobus and Anell are one of those couples.

But it really seems that they are a match made in heaven... and not an app (God works in mysterious ways).

Jacobus is not a character from Big Bang Theory. But he does remind me of a mixture between Sheldon and Leonard. Clever, funny and really good manners (so maybe more towards Leonard)... and in IT. Anell is organised, funny, romantic and beautiful. And they compliment each other perfectly.

I really enjoyed our time together. From they first time Anell contacted me... all the way to dropping off their photos. Their wedding was incredible and very beautiful. With lots of planning and small details going towards the people they love. Their family and friends were amazing and so inviting.

Man... going to miss them!!