Eloping in Yzerfontein

A few months ago Mark & Charlotte contacted my wife, René, from Pop Up Weddings. We connected instantly with each other and the excitement almost started as soon as we said good-bye.

M & C had this dream to get married on the beach, and then make the rest of their trip part of a honeymoon. Mark fell in love with South Africa years ago when he visited our country. He had fond memories of his time, but he couldn't remember all the places they visited (this was pre-phone-photo time).

So off we went and started searching for the best locations to make their dream a reality.

South Africa is blessed with some amazing beaches. But they can get busy during the day with surfers and some retired folks. So Yzerfontien, still rather new in its development, was the best option. It had incredible white sandy beaches, with it still being quiet during off-season.

Location DONE!!

Date was set, flights were booked, and accommodation and flowers were locked in.

Pancakes & some cake

The morning of the elopement, Mark & Charlotte woke up slowly, did some exercise and then made pancakes for all three of us.


After the pancakes they started baking their own wedding cake. This was unplanned. But the previous night, when they went to the shops, Charlotte found gluten-free cake mix.

Because the day was so open and relaxed, there was no problem baking an unplanned cake.

Armed with M&M's, they started decorating their cake with the words 'Mr & Mrs'... they had other words in mind, but the cake had limited space for something more creative.

A walk on the beach rounded the morning off, before both started (or rather putting the finishing touches) writing their vows.

The Office

After some vow writing, Charlotte decided to just try her dress on and make sure everything is perfect. IT WAS!!

Both M & C are new to our loadshedding. They do have problems in the UK, especially holding on to a prime minister. But they don't have the lovely South African problems of no lights and little water.

So Charlotte decided to rather do her hair a little earlier. Just incase the power goes out.

With another hour left, Mark wanted some toast. But toast can't just be enjoyed on its own. You need something with toast... An episode of The Office.

I've never heard of a couple watching The Office an hour before their wedding. But it was brilliant. It was actually the episode where Pam & Jim got married.

The Wedding

The day was perfect. With little to no clouds, or chances for rain. They could not have asked for a better day.

The beach at Yzerfontein was incredible. There was only sand, waves and some rocks in sight (I think there was 2 people on the rocks at some point).

As Charlotte walked towards Mark, it was so intimate and emotional. It was raw and only about them. Their focus only on each other.

When it was time for the vows, we realised that Charlotte's vows got mixed up with the other envelopes. So Mark ran back to the house and fetched her vows. Have you ever seen a groom run away, and back? Never!

After they said I do, we walked on the sand to capture some memories for them to always treasure.

The photos were intimate and silent. Only the wind, and some jokes from Mark. But nothing else.

The day ended with them, and us, enjoying some cake. Klara really enjoyed the cake.

This was ONE of the best elopements ever. Thanks Yzerfontein for the best memories!