Samir & Audrey

celebrating their love at home

First, I will start this piece by writing about myself, and for that I saying this... I find myself working best when a wedding is intimate. I connect with the people, the couple and the setting much more. I love big traditional weddings. But my zone and perfection lays within a setting that is very private, emotional and close.

And that brings us to this beautiful day...

Samir and Audrey actually got married in court, during Covid times. So this was their 'second' wedding, but still only a small celebration with Samir's family and Audrey's sister from the States (she had family joining on Zoom for the whole day).

The ladies started the day with pedicures and manicures. Right in the comfort of their home. Already this was setting the day up to be different.

Samir was out with his brother, 'kinda' brother in law, and his dad. Getting groomed (mind the pun).

When everyone was back at home, René from Pop Up Wedding SA, was busy setting the table for dinner, and getting the arch and flowers ready for the 'ceremony'.

  • side note: René is the best planner I've worked with. WOW... knows her way around weddings, and how to make everyone just be themselves.

Lunch was a few bites form the fridge, and a glass of wine.

Their ceremony wasn't a traditional ceremony. It was a celebration of words of love towards the Samir & Audrey. Every person got a turn to say something beautiful, and maybe some marriage advise. Already being married, they didn't want a 'ceremony', but more something personal.

Audrey got married without shoes. Just her, being herself. Being free. Being unique and comfortable. This is what intimate weddings are all about.

When the vow-celebration were over, they danced and had some wine. There was so much love and joy.

After some great sunset photos, we walked downstairs and I gave Samir and Audrey a camera to take some photos of each other. The model inside them only came out then. Complete comfort and silliness.

Dinner arrived with more speeches and wine glasses tinging after every cheers. They sat around the table, just chatting away. Having a normal dinner... just very formal and with incredible food.

I love intimate weddings. And Johannesburg does make for some incredible locations and sunsets for your wedding.

Decor and flowers colab: Intiem Weddings

Planner: Pop Up Wedding SA

Photographer: Wouter Kleynhans Photography